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Snow globe

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live a life not knowing what’s going on in the outside world. No BBC news or daily newspapers. Better or worse ? When the summer kicks into full swing, and as I mentioned before in an earlier blog every day being the same when it comes to days of the week, it’s very easy to loose track of what’s going on around the world.

Our clients often strike up a conversation regarding current affairs and you will see me with a bit of a glazed look on my face. For instance Jose Marino has gone back to Chealsea football club or the uk is suffering floods and so on. It makes you think what it must of been like before the modern day technology we all take for granted today. As I’m writing this short blog during a pre season holiday in Thailand we have just had a power cut. No wifi or TV. What are we going to do. We can’t skipe the kids or troll our social sites to see if anyone is doing anything interesting. You can’t in today’s world escape the news but for a few months of the year it can be quite nice living in a snow globe. Wow our power has just kicked back on so Yehh wifi.